Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dominika Knapik interview

What do you know about Hungary and what kind of informations do you have about our dance life?

I have good friends from Hungary, Adam Zambrzycki and Zsoka Nej, and they told me many interesting things about contemporary dance scene most of all in Budapest. But it's very personal :)

What kind of piece will you bring to L1 Contemporary Dance Festival and does this piece mean any differences or similarities to your earlier works?

This is my solo "how do you like me?" and in fact this is my first work as a choreographer. Something like my personal manifesto.

What exaclty did you work on with this piece and where did you perform it already?

My solo was created with Wojtek Klimczyk (sociologist and director) as part of SOLO PROJECT 2007- residency project at Art Stations Foundation.

The goal was to create a solo without any props and set. I performed it already during Malta Festival in Poznan, XIV Annual International Contemporary Dance and Peformance Festival in Bytom, Solo Dance Festival in Kalisz, International Dance Theatres Festival in Lublin, Mandala Performance Festival in Wroclaw, Polish Dance Platform 2008 in Poznan, as well as in Korzo Theatre in The Hague and Dance New Amsterdam in New York City.

Do you have any hobby beside working as a dancer or creator?

Wow, it's really hard to say. I like to cook, eat and drink, ride a bike, watch Jean Pierre Melville movies (lately)

Can you write some details about your artistic life - which direction did you come from and which direction do you go right now? Tell us some important steps from your background!

I started to dance when I was 9, went to Cracow Ballet School. Unfortunately or fortunately physically and mentally I wasn't a type of classical ballerina so when I was 14 I started to take part in workshops of contemporary dance. And later I started to study acting in Ludwik Solski State School of Drama. And I was trying to connect acting and dancing. In 2007 together with Wojtek Klimczyk we created Harakiri Farmers artistic collective with which we are trying to do projects with interesting people from different fields of art. Now I'm working a lot as a choreographer in drama theater in Poland and I must say that this is hard work. Most of all because of lack of knowladge how to use movement in theater and because actors are not used to move at all. My dream is to work as a choreographer with dancers. It's not so easy to say in which direction I would like to go now cause I'm in a very chaotic moment in my life.

Did you get lately any new inspirations which could change a bit your piece?

I created this solo in 2007 and I'm different person now so each time I perform this piece I have very strange feeling that I need to rearrange my being on stage somehow. After creation of „how do you like me?” I've got danceweb scholarship and I went to Vienna when I had a chance to take part in PROSERIES (kind of coaching project) with Meg Stuart. That was a very strong meeting. Now I treat the whole performance as a kind of journey through different emotional states.

Does it mean any differences to play your pieces in different countries? If so, could you please tell us in what?

I showed this piece in Poland, Holland and USA and I can't find any differences.

Do you work and show your work for getting applause (for the audience) or does the working process mean anything else for you? What kind of feedback are you open for?

I'm always trying to be open for feedback and I'm loooking forward to hear interesting or boring comments after the show.

Do you read critics about your works? What kind of critic do you need?

I read critics but it's very frustrating sometimes.

Do you criticize other s works? Do you write about it?

I don't write any critics but maybe I should start? I found this question very inspiring.

Are you open for a round table discussion with the audience after a premier or after your show?


Here you find some words, could you put them in sentences which could be kind of ars poetic of you!


I have another proposition. I would like to choose words that are interesting for me now:



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