Thursday, September 1, 2011

questionnaire - ANNA STELLER

short interview with Anna Steller - choreographer of duet on 22nd September at POLSKA

L1: Have you ever been to Hungary?

Anna: yes

L1: If yes, which are the first 3 words that come to your mind about the country?

Anna: monumental, walking on Buda, good coffe

L1: What is your opinion about the Hungarian contemporary dance?

Have you ever seen any Hungarian dance performance before?

Anna: Dance performers are not

afraid of experimenting. The idea is clear and the dance technic is on very high level.

L1: What kind of performance do you offer during the Festival?

Present the production in a few sentences!

Anna: My performance Delia had it'

s premiere in 2009. It is inspired by music and person of Delia Derbyshire and also of Merce Cunningham and John Cage. The basic ideas are simplicity and purity of form, playing with geometry, perspective, space and time.

L1: What is the last book you have read?

Anna: Italo Calvino "Cosmicomic stories"

L1: Why did you choose this career?

Anna: Because it's the only thing I am able

to do right now.

L1: Which performer or performance made the biggest impression on you in the last few years, and why?

Anna: Marina Abramovic. She is a total artist for me. In the most simple forms she presents the most important ideas.

L1: This is the tenth L1danceFest this year. Is there any similar festival in your country?

Anna: Yes there's few. In my city Gdansk, there is quite big international Dance Festival.

L1: Have you ever received (such) an advice for life that you would share?

Anna: I've heard few advices but unfortunately I didn't use them in my life.

(photo credit: Jakub Wittchen / andrzej sip)

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