Saturday, September 3, 2011

questionnaire - JACKIE BRUTSCHE

short interview with Jackie Brutsche - rock singer - who performs her first one-woman-show at the opening of L1danceFest (21st September)

L1: Have you ever been to Hungary?

Jackie: No, can't wait!

L1: What is your opinion about the Hungarian contemporary dance?

Jackie: I don't have an opinion yet, but a good feeling

L1: Have you ever seen any Hungarian dance performance before?

Jackie: Unfortunately not that I know.

L1: What kind of performance do you offer during the Festival? Present the production in a few sentences!

Jackie: I will present my illusionistic, funny, loud and wild theatre rock n' roll one-woman-show called THE MOUSTACHE PRINCESS about a pop princess with a growing moustache.

L1: What is the last book you have read?

Jackie: philosophy of the art of living (Wilhelm Schmid)

L1: Why did you choose this career?

Jackie: it's not a career, it's my life

L1: Which performer or performance made the biggest impression on you in the last few years, and why?

Jackie: helge schneider (german musician and comedian) cause he is a genius in improvising, he never knows exactly what he will do on stage.

L1: This is the tenth L1danceFest this year. Is there any similar festival in your country?

Jackie: I can't tell ;o)

L1: Have you ever received (such) an advice for life that you would share?

Jackie: happiness is a warm gun

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