Thursday, September 1, 2011

questionnaire - JAN BÁRTA

short interview with Jan Bárta - director and performer of the duet on 23rd September at L1danceFest

L1: Have you ever been to Hungary?

Jan: Yes I was there couple of times .

L1: If yes, which are the first 3 words that come to your mind about the country?

Jan: Paprika, home made brandy –palenka, Balaton.

L1: What is your opinion about the Hungarian contemporary dance?

Jan: I have no idea whatsoever about Hungarian dance. Sorry!!

L1: Have you ever seen any Hungarian dance performance before?

Jan: Never, but I was working with Hungarian artists.

L1: What kind of performance do you offer during the Festival?

Jan: Theater performance with a bit of a movement.

L1: Present the production in a few sentences!

Jan: Come and see, and then we talk!!!

L1: What is the last book you have read?

Jan: Friedrich Durrenmatt –The judge and his Hangman

L1: Why did you choose this career?

Jan: Which career??

L1: Which performer or performance made the biggest impression on you in the last few years, and why?

Jan: Performer – Ivo Dimchev. Because he is not scare to show his own proufound fear. Madness under very strick baton of a master. I very much like this way of performing.

L1: This is the tenth L1danceFest this year. Is there any similar festival in your country?

Jan: Yes many of them. One of them is Four plus four days in motion.

L1: Have you ever received (such) an advice for life that you would share?

Jan: I know very good and fast way how to cut paprika... just contact me on

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