Saturday, August 18, 2012

questionnaire with participant - Endre Kertész (HUN)

short interview with Endre Kertész - musician

When have you been to Budapest - Hungary with your piece and artistic work earlier?
After my studies in Vienna I came back Budapest and ever since I keep performing here.

Do you have any preference who do you want to reach with your art and piece?
I never thought about selecting my audience. I'd like to reach as many people as possible.

What kind of piece will you bring to L1danceFest and does this piece mean any differences or similarities to your earlier works?
This performance will definately be something new for me as well. I mostly play chamber music with others, and compositions of others, but this time I'll create my own world on my own.

What exaclty did you work on with this piece and where did you perform it already?
This will be my debut with this performance, including different effects on my instrument and my voice.

Do you have any hobby beside working as a dancer or creator?
I do yoga and I love traveling, hiking and spending time with animals. 

Can you write some details about your artistic life - which direction did you come from and which direction do you go right now? Tell us some important steps from your background!
I started as a classical cellist but slowly started to experiment with other music styles as well. I played metal, jazz, arabic, jewish, electronic and fully improvised music as well. I love to work and perform with others. Artistic interaction is what I mostly seek for.

How did your summer time go? Did you get any new inspirations?
I definitely did. I've met great musicians and became a member of a theater company as well. 

Does it mean any differences to play your pieces in different countries? If so, could you please tell us in what sense?
The cultural environment is always different, but music is an international artform.

Do you work and show your work for getting applause (for the audience) or does the working process mean anything else for you? What kind of feedback are you open for?
I play to staisfy myself. I'm grateful for the applause as well, but if I'm not satisfied with the performance, it's not enough satisfaction.

Do you read critics about your works? What kind of critic do you need?
I like critics. It helps me see myself with another eye and reconsider things.

Do you criticize other’s works? Do you write about it?
I try to see meaning in or reason in everything I watch. If I can't find, I don't enjoy it, but still try to understand it and be supportive.

Are you open for a round table discussion with the audience after a premier or after your show?
I'd be happy to be talk with the audience.

Here you find some words, could you put them in sentences which could be kind of ars poetic of you!
Try to find community with everyone. It's not so hard to get closer to someone, or let them get closer to you. By exchanging thoughts, feelings or ideas it's actually pretty easy. I always admired religions but I don't understand fanatism. I'm part of the human nation. Hugs are refilling and soothing. A good handshake is a small hug as well. I like to perform to people but only if I don't feel separated from them. Fame or popularity were never really the goals I went for, much more organic food or sense. And an homage to George Carlin: “I wanted to be religious, but then I reached the age of reason."

Endre's performance takes place in the frame of Frissek Speciál on 23rd September at 5 pm in MU Theatre.

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