Friday, September 21, 2012

impressions by Pál Gergő Dzsíí_2nd day

you can remember on the moments of the second day of L1danceFest 2012, made by Dzsíí

giving instructions

Bakelit palackpult

Márta Ladjánszki - Andrea Ádám organizers of L1danceFest

wearing MANIER costume tonight

Talking Through V4+ discussion after Zerobalett's performance

Balázs - videodocumentation / Andrea / Endre / Joe Alegado - led workshop on the first day

Talking Through V4+ question in the audience

Zsolt Varga and Márta Ladjánszki

take a pic with our green lady

participants and audience befor Rodrigo's performance

Rodrigo Sobarzo - great mining

Rodrigo Sobarzo

Rodrigo Sobarzo kills the wood supported by József Zatik :-)

Talking Through V4+ with Rodrigo, Márta, Andrea

Talking Through V4+ with Annamária Szoboszlai and Rodrigo

any questions?


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