Monday, August 26, 2013

questionnaire with participant Tami Lebovits (IL)

Have you been (when) to Budapest - Hungary with your pieces and artistic works earlier?
Not yet..

What do you know about Hungary and what kind of informations do you have about our dance life?
I don’t know much, I am interested in how the current political situation affects the art world in Hungary?

Could you share with us if have any idols in theater/dance life?
the people I work with have much significance to me..

What kind of piece will you bring to L1danceFest and does this piece mean any differences or similarities to your earlier works? Where did you perform it already?
We will perform with God is Measuring the World with a Compass, our visual biography, in that sense it is continues to our work both separately and joined. We performed with it in Israel: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Berlin as well.  

Do you have any hobby beside working as a performer or creator?
I enjoy making clothes, coking, eating..

Can you write some details about your artistic life - which direction did you come from and which direction do you go right now? Tell us some important steps from your background!
I studied in the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem, I was always interested at the extensions dance and choreography has into other disciplines and ways of thought. Currently I just feel I don’t have to apologize about that.

How did your summer time go? Did you get any new inspirations? Do you have a best experience during this summer?
I went to Greece and had a true carefree vacation.. and decided I need to invest more in vacationing during my on going year.

Does it mean any differences to play your pieces in different countries? If so, could you please tell us in what sense?
It is meaningful to me coming to Hungary, since my Father was born in Ostro-Hungarian Empire. I am interested in coming to places where I can establish a significant relation.

What does it mean to you to be in the process and to show the work to the audience? What kind of feedback are you open for?
I love working on a piece and still keeping it somewhere UN sealed. I am interested in hearing new perspective and personal experiences from watching the piece.

Do you read critics about your works? What kind of critic do you need?
I prefer personal feedback.

Do you criticize other’s works? Do you write about it?
Verbal criticism. 

Are you open for a round table discussion with the audience after a premier or after your show?

Tami's performance takes place on 20th September in MU Theatre.

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