Monday, July 28, 2014

Questionnaire with participant Ruri Mitoh (J)

photo: Bozzo

Have you been (when) to Budapest - Hungary with your pieces and artistic works earlier?
This is my first time to show my own piece in Budapest.  I've been to Budapest to perform in a festival as a member of Leni-Basso.  Probably, in 2007.  

What do you know about Hungary and what kind of informations do you have about our dance life?
I thought it was very nice city when I visited it last time.

Could you share with us if you have any idols in theater/dance life?
There is no all-time favorites in my dance life, but from time to time I admire dancers and choreographers – when I see a dancer with unique physical characters or interesting works.  
For now, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Peeping Tom, etc.

What kind of piece will you bring to L1danceFest and does this piece mean any differences or similarities to your earlier works? Where did you perform it already?
This piece is created from conversations with my body.  I can find movements that I never know since I spend more time facing to my body than before.  There are many things I don't know, and I can spend all my life looking for them until the time I die.  As I get older, I'd love to keep finding new movements by making conversations with my body each time.
I performed it in Yokohama twice and once in Jerusalem.

Do you have your arsittic statement, could you share with us?
I want to continue my creation in any forms, thinking about how to present a wonder called Dance... until I die.

Do you have any hobby beside working as a performer or creator?
I like playing with my cats.

Can you write some details about your artistic life - which direction did you come from and which direction do you go right now? Tell us some important steps from your background!
I belong to a company called OrganWorks in Japan.  As a member of it, I'm willing to work on creation and make it a world-class dance company with other members. Besides, I want to make solo pieces by myself.

How did your summer time go? Did you get any new inspirations? Do you have a best experience during this summer?
Summer has just began in Japan.  Although it was this spring, I had a wonderful experience in London when I danced my solo part in front of a biggest crowd ever, in a piece by Darren Johnston in Barbican Theatre.

Does it mean any differences to play your pieces in different countries? If so, could you please tell us in what sense?
Difficult to answer...My piece “ESQUISSE” changes everyday.  Who I am is related to this piece, and people around me also give significant influence on me and my piece.  One thing never changes is that I am Japanese.  When I dance as Japanese in different countries, I'm curious about how people see me.  I believe that I can share something as human being even though we have differences like nationalities, races, etc.

What does it mean to you to be in the process and to show the work to the audience? What kind of feedback are you open for?
To be honest, sometimes I wonder why I create a work.  Is it because a body is really interesting and has infinit possibilities, or/and it's connected to feelings?  Maybe, it is a way to know myself.  So, someone's feedback is another way to know myself, a way that I'm not aware of.  I like to have feedback that makes me realize that how people see me is very different from how I see myself.

Do you read critics about your works? What kind of critic do you need?
I read sometimes.  Actually, there are not many critiques about me.
I don't think critics are necessary for me.  I consider it as a comment from a guest.  They are not that important like comments from my friends and other guests.  

Do you criticize other’s works? Do you write about it?

Are you open for a round table discussion with the audience after a premier or after your show?
It is difficult for me to discuss in English, but I'd like to try if I have a chance.

Here you find some words, could you put them in sentences which could be kind of ars poetic of yours!


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