Saturday, July 12, 2014

Recommended by Harmati Ágota – art manger - Mallorca Cultura

"When I first met the artists of the L1 Association at the International Dance Exhibition in Düsseldorf, in 2012, I was impressed by the determination with which the members and the leadership of the association represent the collaboration of the independent Hungarian dancers, visual artists and composers. While working in a frame of a socially engaged association, their goal is to find opportunities inside and outside their country, to build a lively organism that is constantly in contact with foreign institutions – this is a concept to be supported. They do it with conviction in order that the Hungarian artists find their way inside and outside of the country and that they could spread the reputation of the multicolored Hungarian culture as contemporary artists.
On the occasion of our first collaboration, the artists of the association shot a dance film and presented a street dance performance in Palma de Mallorca, I could verify and see that they are careful and attentive, curious about other cultures as well, and last but not least that they have a reliable, long-term thinking mentality.
In 2013 I had the pleasure to be the invited as a foreign organizer of the five days long L1danceFest, therefore I was able to follow through the programs of the festival and all accompanying events. The totality of the professional organization, the smooth communication, the broad thinking between arts and countries and the high quality of the invited performances was very impressive. 
I was very pleased to see that other international organizations and embassies have been supporting this great event and organization. 
Knowing that this 13 years old festival is set up on a voluntary basis by the organizing team, I find their work exciting and worth to be supported, I recommend it to your attention as well. International artists coming to Hungary spread news of the good organization and the great event, and Hungarian artists have the opportunity to prove their knowledge in a world-class festival."
Harmati Ágota – art manger - Mallorca Cultura (2014)

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