Saturday, July 12, 2014

Recommended by Michal Černý - Czech Centrum Budapest (2014)

"Since 2010, when I took over the leadership of the Czech Centrum in Budapest, I consider the L1danceFest as one of the most important – and the dearest – partner of ours in Hungary. The festival, with the leadership of Márta Ladjánszki, contributed significantly - especially in he Central European dance and movement theater field – to the development of the free and creative international scene, where the living art becomes an integral part of everyday life. The festival itself is organized on the basis of rigorous dramaturgical principles; the workshop working method and the specific experimental accent is important in the performances. Although, I admit, I could not always keep up with them, but Marta is a charming and deeply rational person at the same time, with whom it is a pleasure to negotiate, even if one might disagree. Because she knows exactly what she wants and why. "
Michal Černý - Czech Centrum in Budapest (2014)

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