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Interview with L1-member Ádám Márton Horváth by Orsolya Bálint

“I am trying to push the walls of my chamber” 
interview with L1-member Ádám Márton Horváth by Orsolya Bálint

Ádám Márton Horváth composes music for dance performances and films as well. He uses several instruments to create music, and still the most he enjoys experimenting with ones he doesn’t know how to play. He will play on kalimba, melodica and guitar at the free matinee concert in Vallai Kert on the 19th of September, on L1danceFest 2015.

photo: Roland Szabo
You have been playing music for many years, also composing scores for films and dance performances. Still, you describe yourself as a ‘chamber musician’, who doesn’t usually perform on stage. Did you do have more live concerts recently?
Actually, I haven't played live since last year's L1danceFest, so it's gonna be exciting again. Sometimes I would love to go live but still looking for people to play with and still trying to push the walls of my ‘chamber’ :)

How do you usually create? What is your main source of inspiration and what instruments do you use?
A lot of things can be inspirational for me, for example in recent times I was working with some new instruments (a kalimba and a kaval) for a film score and I found it really inspiring to experiment with an instrument that I don't know how to play.

If your music could be a landscape, what would it look like?
Hm... well, there would be sea, probably a seaside, some green dunes with long grass and after that a city, not a metropolis, but a big city, with people passing by and roads with night lights. But it depends on the music :)

Do you have any artist or composer idols? What skills or talents do you admire in them?
I like artists, who are experimenting in their field of art, pushing the borders of their genres mixing up the frames of pop culture with their own taste and style. I don’t want to pick names but I can mention two of my favorite composers whom I’ve seen live this year so far: Nils Frahm and Yann Tiersen. 

What instrument(s) are you going to play at the matinee concert and who did you invite to join the stage with you?
Well it's still changing, but I'll play kalimba and melodica and probably guitar. At the moment I think I'll be alone on stage, but we'll see.

Last year you have been resident artist of L1Association. How did you get in contact with the organization and how did the residency influence your life and career?
Two years ago a friend, inspiration and co-author of mine, Eszter Herold was resident artist of L1Association. She talked a lot about the organization and the inspiring artistic leaders, and also suggested me as a possible next resident. When Márta Ladjánszki called me, it was a great honor to accept the invitation for the next year's residency. Then 2014 happened to be a very productive year for me because of my two main inspirations, Eszter Herold (dancer), and Peter Lichter (film director). I was happy to be part of a small tour with Eszter in Eastern-Europe, in which the Association took part and helped us. Then later it was also a great pleasure to perform live on FRISSEK mini festival on L1danceFest. It influenced me to go forward, to experiment and widen my point of view in dance and in music.

This year you’ve became an L1-member. What motivated you to join and how did your role and your assignments in the association change through the membership?
My year as a resident was a nice experience with L1, I found a good vibe and caring from Marta Ladjánszki and Zsolt Varga, which inspired me and it was a good feeling to know to be a part of this group of different artists. My role hasn’t really changed I think, and I’m trying to take more part and help in the common things.

In your opinion, what is extraordinary about the annual L1danceFest? Which programs are you looking forward to and how does it feel to be part of the festival again?
I think L1danceFest is a special, unique contemporary dance festival in Hungary. Because of its international selection, the professionals and the audience are able to watch such performances that they probably won’t have the chance to see if they don’t go abroad for it. Furthermore, the artists are present; you can meet them, talk to them, listen to their ideas and give them feedbacks. There are some special workshops during the festival, which are always useful for dancers and performers. I’m looking forward to see all the dance pieces and the Matinee Concert, in which I’m taking part. It’s gonna be exciting again. 

KÖM by L1 Association

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