Sunday, August 11, 2019

Katarína Ďuricová (SK) and Tomáš Morávek (CZ) – Interview with our guests at L1danceFest 2019

L1danceFest 2019
Movement-based International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts
18th annual edition organized by L1 Association in Budapest

Interview with Katarína Ďuricová, Tomáš Morávek
Photo: Roland Szabo
 – You come to L1danceFest again to lead a light design workshop. Do you have any expectations about the workshop this year? In what direction you plan to build your current workshop?
– In previous years we worked with the participants in the studio of Trafó and this year for the first time we do have an opportunity to work in the performing space of Bakelit Studio Theater. Both of us we know this space quite good as we visited this venue thanks to various performances (Katarína with EDGE of Petra Tejnorová and collective and Tomáš with various performances in collaboration with Márta Ladjánszki as for example Széki Luca and Josha). We are looking forward to the real theatre possibilities of this space which the studio of Trafó can not offer, as higher ceiling, rigging options, black out, light and sound equipment. That’s why we decided to work more practically this year.
We know that we were able to motivate some participants from previous year to come again to our workshop. We are really looking forward to see them again and we are looking forward for new participants prepared to experiment with us too.
– How do you see L1danceFest from outside and yet as a returning guest? What are its strengths and in what it could still improve?
– We like to come back and watch the transformation of the festival live. To see how it is changing and evolving during the years. The reasons for transformations may be different. It’s a challenge to go through the transformation and keep the festival’s reputation. The festival’s strength is its interesting dramaturgy, which reflects not only on contemporary EU scene, but is also trying to support the development of contemporary dance in Hungary. We appreciate the involvement of younger generation and active participation of other members of L1 association.
We wish for the festival a bigger media attention and more local spectators.
– Where is your professional career now? Do you even have any interest in dealing with such things as career?
Photo: Roland Szabo
Katarína: – We have to deal with different situations, space and time, which brings new challenges and opportunities. Proposals are changing and we are changing with them. I can’t imagine myself doing just one thing. Is it a career or a process? I am not sure.
Photo: Roland Szabo
Tomáš: – This is already my second profession, very different from my previous one. I never ever thought that this will be my present and here I am. People call me lighting designer and I even don’t know how it happened. Current world is creating lot of specialist. I still don’t know if I like to work more with lighting console, PAR cans, drill and wood or in an educational field. I would like to touch and try everything.
– Interview was made by Emese Kovács (L1 Association) –

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