Sunday, August 11, 2019

Markéta Stránská (CZ) – Interview with our guests at L1danceFest 2019

L1danceFest 2019
Movement-based International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts
18th annual edition organized by L1 Association in Budapest

Interview with Markéta Stránská
– This is you first visit of L1danceFest, but in Budapest as well?
– Yes, it will be my first time both at the L1danceFest and in Budapest. I am very excited about this and very curious.
– I know you are coming with your musician for almost the entire festival. How do you prepare for the festival and do you have any expectations about it?
– For L1danceFest my preparation will be quite intensive since I will come straight from a one month long residency (Berlin) where I work on the piece I show in Budapest and a new project as well. We will also perform FLY! in Germany just one day before we arrive to L1danceFest. So I believe we all will be very well tuned in creation and performance mode.
Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický
– You participate with a special presence not only in the performances of your own but also of others. What is your background? When did dance step into your life, how did you arrive to the performing arts, dance and stage?
– Dance stepped into my life when I was 7 years old. I started to attend a folk dance group in my hometown. And when I moved to Prague in 2012 I started to attend contemporary dance classes, participated in a project of VerTeDance company in 2015. I made my choreography debut FLY! in 2018. At high school I also performed as a puppeteer or a clown doctor in regional hospitals. So I do have really various experiences on stage and with performing arts.
– How do you think about your own body?
– I think my body is incredible :-)
– What does it mean to you to dance with or without prothesis?
– For me dance is a very natural way to express myself and I know I will dance for all my life. Anyhow, anywhere, anytime…
– Interview was made by Emese Kovács (L1 Association) –

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