Sunday, August 11, 2019

Réka Harsányi (H) – Interview with our guests at L1danceFest 2019

L1danceFest 2019
Movement-based International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts
18th annual edition organized by L1 Association in Budapest

Interview with Réka Harsányi
– What does it mean for you to join to a returning exhibition structure? What will you do this year at L1danceFest?
– Connected Bodies Team will probably have documentaries of the previous works at MAMŰ Gallery (Birth, Connected Feelings, etc.). 
Photo: Roland Szabo
Generally the existing, well-established exhibition structure is better than freelancing as the news get to the target audience. Advertising is a problem for us, we don't reach the viewers on time. And of course, during a festival week, it's easier for them to "jump in" to a short performance than to travel 1–2 hours for a quarter-hour event on a weekday in the traffic jam.
– What new work are you currently working on besides being presented at L1danceFest?
– I used to cooperate with Ida Dóra Szűcs, but she is living abroad now. We are not working on a new project at this time. Basically it's my hobby, not my job. So at the moment, there is no performance at L1 or anywhere else.
– Do you go to see other shows at L1danceFest? What is your experience?
– I went to see one or two performances at L1danceFest because I didn't have time for more. I usually read the theme of the dance performance, or have a look at who the performers are and I choose according to this. If I feel like it will be a more experimental piece I'm going to check it out. So far I've caught good performances.
– Interview was made by Emese Kovács (L1 Association) –

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