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Syporca Whandal (H) – Interview with our guests at L1danceFest 2019

L1danceFest 2019
Movement-based International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts
18th annual edition organized by L1 Association in Budapest

Interview with Syporca Whandal
– Where do you get the inspiration for your work?
– If I take my own life, for me creation is a 24-hour activity: when I do my civil profession, I still create. I collect material, life, experiences: I am a Creative Person while doing the shopping, standing in a line, writing homework or cleaning. I can capture moments from every life situation. I see my life as a node of ideas and as a channel in which I have been assigned a mediation role.
Montage by Syporca Whandal
 – How is it to you to belong to more than one communities at the same time as an independent artist? And how do you experience your annual residency status in the L1 Association?
– I try to move between different styles a lot because I am interested about experiment, error, reciprocity in everything. If I feel the routine in a perspective I throw away the idea immediately. My goal is to reach the courage to not to do anything out of routine even in technical implementation. I am aware of that in 2019 it is NOT possible to create without history. Whatever you do, almost 70–80 % is a reflection and a rethinking. The theme is eternal, the form alone can give freedom, a unique perspective, a new opportunity. This is why experimentation is so important to me, because by settling on the permanence of the subject, we can push the relevant formal responses on a stable ground.
The boundless genre is giving a floating state, the only opportunity for a free insight and "play". Those who psychically accept this unstable condition in return may be eternal experimenters.
The experimental attitude itself derives as well from my work in various groups, with various creators, simultaneously. I can gather experience, learn technical tricks and conceptual-practical attitudes from everywhere, different groups bring me different tendencies, and I hope that in return I can inspire creative communities as well and I can provide some practical / professional "benefits" as well.
I am very proud of my residency status at L1 Association. I am trying to get involved in the work of the association, to get to know the other members and their work.
– How was it to closely collaborate with some of the L1-artists in portrait-photography?
– I have seen a great deal of openness and interest in them. In the inner closed group, as soon as I raised the idea for the collage series and attached some of my previous works, 12 members indicated in a very short time that they want to join the project. Each participant was very accurate, and I felt that we took each other's work and time seriously. This is a real respect, unfortunately I rarely experience it at home. With dancers the work was a child's play as they instinctively felt which movement to use at what speed while taking photos of them. The collaboration was so successful that we continued to think together with Eszter Herold with a video and a new series of photos.
 – How did you develop your vision of the artists that will be seen as part of the exhibition?
– Since I did not have a personal relationship with any of them, I only knew the work of some of the members, so it was absolutely intuitive work. I was trying to sense the mood of their presence, the dynamics of their movements, the musicality of their speech and tone, their smile or their gloom, what could be the "cross" of their grief or their three wishes. Using empathy, my acquired human knowledge, and my sixth sense, I tried to imagine their personality and abstract it with distortions, highlights, exaggerations, humor.
– What kind of cooperation will you have with Tg Noise and what are you preparing for the exhibition opening?
Photo: Károly Minyo Szert
 – I met Tg Noise (Gábor Tóth) in 2015 at an action called Common Jam. Since then we have been following each other's creations and human fate. I have already made a video clip for his music, he made music for a video of mine, we had a cooperative performance at the ArtWALL exhibition, and he wrote to our Punk Kitchen fanzine series. At L1danceFest we will have an improvisational presentation of the album Imagination Of Future Angel, released as part of our musical collaboration this summer. This is a shared album, and the presentation of it is special because Gábor has very rarely live musical performances nowadays. I have received a lot of human support, encouragement and guidance from him, of which this album is the strongest embodiment so far.
– Interview was made by Emese Kovács (L1 Association) –

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