Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

wo ist die Schokki

KÓKAI JÁNOS and VARGA ZSOLT - "Wo ist die Schokki?" final concert of the festival:)

Friday, May 14, 2010

ötödik nap képekben 2.

friends around - last moments of this year's L1 Contemporary Dance Festival
ZSOLT - saxophone player at the final concert in Gödör
JÁNOS - musician/actor/writer at the final concert in Gödör
JÁNOS and ZSOLT with the technician of the concert place Gödör
BALÁZS - video documentation + IMRE - photographer
SEE YOU all IN 2011!!!

ötödik nap képekben

people are waiting at the entrance - in the back IMRE - who did lots of photo documentations
JOANNA - Polish dancer/organizer, she is waiting for the finish of the technical set up
backstage - behind the scene
Polish dancers at the rehearsal
Polish dancers after the show:)

negyedik nap képekben 2.

ANDRÁS - visual artist - but now he is cleaning the floor after Hodworks' Supra hits
JULIA - dancer who got the fee and she is happy:)
dancers of HODWORKS - cleaning the floor after the show
PETRA - official representative of HODWORKS + MÁRTA - organizing the fees and invoices after the show
BORI - dancer/festival participant is waiting for entering

negyedik nap képekben

preparation before Hodworks' piece - brown bodies
audience gathering at Gödör
DOMINIKA - soloist on our 4th day + MÁRTA - organizer
BALÁZS - responsible for the video documentation and promotion films
ANDREA - helping hand + FICU - helping hand of the festival

photos taken on the 4th day by KNI

Dominika Knapik from Poland + Hodworks from Hungary

photos taken on the 3rd day by KNI

Szente Borbála from Berlin + Danish lecture + Rosana Hribar/Gregor Lustek from Slovenia

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

photos taken on the 5th day by KNI

Towarzyswto Gimnastyczne + concert of Kókai/Varga

Monday, May 10, 2010

final day of L1 Contemporary Dance Festival

So today will be the last day of this year's festival. We hope you enjoyed to watch the performances, to perform and to meet people who you might did not know from earlier.
Please be with us from 8:30pm at Gödör tonight as well!
Towarzystwo Gimnastyczne + concert + discussion

Sunday, May 9, 2010

harmadik nap képekben 3.

GREGOR - Slovenian dancer/choreographer
ROSANA - Slovenian dancer/choreographer
SARA + ROSANA + MÁRTA before saying good bye to Bakelit
building down the technic - finishing the festival days in Bakelit, let's continue in Gödör
PÉTER - technician + ZSOLT - musician/helping hand + KATA - lighting designer + ATTILA - technician + MÁRTA - dancer/organizer

Sara Gebran&Yvla Hendrikson lecture - hullahopp

Great interaction and game with the audience:)

harmadik nap képekben 2.

CHIHUAHUA - doggy of Rosana & Gregor
eating pizzas after the shows - ROSANA - Slovenian dancer/choreographer + SARA - Danish dancer + YVLA - Swedish dancer + IMRE - photographer + GREGOR - Slovenian dancer/choreographer
lecture by SARA+YVLA - hullahopp
painting at the lecture
mapping our triangles

harmadik nap képekben

amplifier + saxophone for the closing ceremony
BORI - dancer after her rehearsal
BORI during her rehearsal
ZSOLT - musician + JÁNOS - musician at the rehearsal
ROB is leaving ;(

Kókai János & Varga Zsolt rehearsal at L1 danceLab

Kókai János & Varga Zsolt plays live at the closing ceremony on 10th May in Gödör!

második nap képekben 2.

taking pictures about the painting after Spitfire's performance (Balázs + Jan)
ZSOLT - musician/movement artist/helping hand
MÁRTA - dancer/choreographer/organizer of L1 Contemporary Dance Festival
our guests: MICHAL - Czech Institute + SARA - Danish dancer + Sarka - director of Nova Sit/AlfredveDvore + YLVA - Swedish dancer

második nap képekben

MÁRTA - organizer + BALÁZS - video documentation + ROB - musician
IMRE - photographer/painter
lighting boards and technic
ROB at the office
JAN MIKO - painter takes picture after the Spitfire show

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rob live

Interview with Szente Borbála after her rehearsal

megnyitó képekben - opening in pictures 2.

flowers from Nova Sit our co-production partner - oh this is so nice from you:)

team of the new production of Bojan Jablanovec (ViaNegativa) and Nova Sit - BOJAN - facing away, JANKO - his technician
SARKA - from Prague with her back:)

IMRE - photographer/painter + MÁRTON - owner of Bakelit M.A.C. + ANDREA - helping hand of the festival + NÓRA - helping hand as well:)

DELICIOUS FOOD from M restaurant

EMPTY PLATES - with M people:)