Saturday, May 14, 2011

welcome - 2011

The program selection of the L1danceFest 2011 is marked by the professional criteria, experimental vein and individual interest of Márta Ladjánszki – dancer, choreographer, artistic director of the festival: “This year too, I was trying to invite artists whom I know personally and whose works inspired me.” The aim of the festival is to introduce artists with a unique character, sophisticated knowledge and high level technical routine, still less or absolutely not know in Hungary to the public in Budapest (and hopefully in the future in a smaller format also in the countryside). The contemporary dance festival has been progressively developing into a more and more extensive (both in the geographical and the performing art spectrum) international review, offering performing possibilities not only to L1 association members and residency holders, but becoming one of the most important domestic platforms of presenting the works of recognized international artists. Each performance is of a crossover genre, though each has movement as its focus.

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Catalonia, Hungary!

Special focus on Poland!

Guest performances from abroad:

Handa Gote (CZ) / Mushrooms
Jan Bárta (CZ) / Is this about paradise? ...not exactly

Daniel Racek (SK) / SO FA:
Agata Maszkiewicz (PL) / Polska
Malgorzata Haduch (PL) / Zona Segura
Anna Steller (PL) / Delia
Barbara Fuchs (D) / IT - solo for one body
Dominik Grünbühel (A/SE) / I am the Mockingbird
Jackie Brutsche (CH) / The Moustache Princess
Chris Leuenberger (CH) / Masculinity

La Intrusa Danza (Catalonia) / Rojo Manso

Domestic performances:

Márta Ladjánszki (H)

Katalin Kovács (H)

Katalin Lengyel (H)

Mészöly Andrea (H)


Malgorzata Haduch (PL) / Flying Low&Passing Through


Béla Műhely (H)

Photo exhibition:

Edit Kozár (H) / HelyzetjelentésM 2009-2011 - Gödör Klub Exhibition Hall

L1danceFest past - MU Theater Exhibition Hall

Venues: Bakelit M.A.C., MU Theater, Gödör Klub

Organizer: L1 Association

Artistic director and programme coordinator: Márta Ladjánszki

Program assistant: Andrea Ádám

Sponsors / partners: National Cultural Fund, Ministry of National Resources Hungary, National Civil Fund, Nova Sit / New Web Association, Visegrad Fund, European Committee, Education and Culture DG Program, Development of New Art (DNA), Workshop Foundation, Kontakt Budapest Festival, Polish Institute, Czech Center, Slovak Institute, Goethe Institute, Austrian Culture Forum, Pro Helvetia, Cervantes Institute, Est Media